Amy’s Cesarean Birth Story

In honor of Cesarean Awareness Month, we are featuring some great birth experiences from moms who ended up having a cesarean for different reasons. Amy has had 4 very different births. Here she shares with us her last birth, a homebirth-turned-cesarean. Please welcome Amy!

I have had 4 very different birth experiences. My first was a vaginal birth in a hospital bed with an epidural. For my second I wanted a natural birth but it ended in a c-section. My third was a vbac in water without any medication. My forth was an attempted homebirth that ended in a hospital transfer and another c-section.

This is about my last birth. We chose to do a homebirth mostly because the idea of being in my own home and just climbing into bed with my precious newborn as soon as she came out was so incredibly appealing to me. I’d already had two vaginal births with no complications so we didn’t have too many concerns that it wouldn’t work out. Well, like any birth, you never know what’s going to happen.

Labor finally started at 42 weeks. I breathed through the contractions all night and early in the morning I called my doula. Shortly after she arrived I call the midwife. Labor progressed rather quickly after that. I was thinking “How awesome! This baby will be born by noon and it’ll be all over!” Noon came and went and still no baby. I pushed in every conceivable position for what seemed like forever but she just wasn’t coming. Something was keeping her from dropping down far enough for me to push her out. My cervix was swelling and my badder was starting to prolapse. My water broke and I lost control of the pain. I had nothing left. With every contraction my body was trying to push her out. It felt like a freight train ramming through my body.

We decided to transfer before things got really bad. When we got to the hospital I knew I needed a c-section and didn’t hesitate to ask for one. They checked me and the doctor agreed. I was brought right into surgery. I was never more grateful for that epidural! Before long the doctor announced I had a very beautiful and very large daughter (we didn’t know what we were having). I was stunned when they set a toddler size baby on my chest! She was eleven pounds one ounce and twenty two inches long! You could see some coning on the back of her head so besides being so big she was not quite in the right position.

I was very thankful that, in this instance, we chose a c-section. We have no regrets for trying a homebirth and for the choices we made. I was not disappointed or bitter that we did not get the birth experience we set out for. I was just very grateful that my baby girl was very healthy and that I was so wonderfully being taken care of.


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