6 Cloth Diaper Game Changers

Enjoy this guest post from one of our amazing community partners, Mary Anderson of B. Lime!

Hi, I’m Mary, the proud owner of B. Lime. I have tried dozens of brands and styles of diapers, and I love helping families find a way to cloth diaper that works for their household.

In our age of information, there is an overabundance of advice which can be overwhelming. Here is my compilation of 6 game-changing tips to successfully cloth diaper.

  1. Get a lesson (if you’re local to CU, schedule one with me!).

There are some things that you want to touch and feel before you purchase, and cloth diapers are certainly one of those things. Cloth diaper and baby boutiques around the country offer cloth diaper lessons and provide you with an opportunity to build a connection with a local expert. This singular relationship is more powerful than the bounty of conflicting information online. During my lessons, I explain the pros and cons of each of the styles of diapers and help you develop a simple laundry routine.

  1. Can’t decide between pockets or all-in-ones? Consider all-in-twos.

All-in-twos offer the advantages of all cloth diapering systems:

  • There is less laundry bulk because you typically just need to wash the insert.
  • Your child can wear the same cute print or color before you need to launder it.
  • Your budget goes further: instead of $20-$27 per diaper change, all-in-twos can cost around $12-$15 per change. Your budget goes even further if you use prefolds or flats with your all-in-two cover.
  • AI2s are easy to use, you can even have the inserts pre-snapped for daycare.

mary after 2

My youngest daughter wearing a GroVia AI2.

3. Invest in a diaper sprayer.

The cost of a diaper sprayer, about $55, is typically the most expensive item when cloth diapering. A diaper sprayer is a mini-power washer with a pressure control valve (my name for it) that easily installs onto the plumbing of your toilet. The sprayer makes flushing waste down the toilet super simple. Saving our hands from “dunking and swishing” poopy diapers is priceless, but the sprayer has even more value. We have used it for spraying out puke from car seat covers, mud off boots, the potty training toilet, and the toilet bowl itself. It has even been used as a (very cold) bidet!

4. Cloth wipes are worth it.

Notorious for recalls and scary ingredients, disposable wipes are a sharp contrast to the gentle, gliding texture of a cloth wipe. Because they are thicker and softer than disposables, you will only need 2 or 3 wipes for a diaper change that may have taken 6 to 8 disposable wipes. Not to forget, you’ll be saving more money and more trash from the landfill. Oh, and I also never figured out how to get a poopy disposable wipe to the trash that doesn’t have a disposable diaper to wrap around it.

5. Keep your wash routine simple.

Wash every 2-3 days in hot water and use enough detergent. There is no need for any additives (vinegar, bleach, borax, etc.). If you start to have problems, save yourself from the mom group rabbit hole and take advantage of customer service (manufacturer or that same lady who gave you your cloth diaper lesson).

6. Investing in a larger stash pays off.

If you had 3 pairs of underwear and you needed to wash them every 2 days, how long would you expect that underwear to last? This logic is definitely true for cloth diapers. These are garments that are, well, going through the ringer. The more diapers you have, the less wear and tear on those diapers, and they will last longer. Whether it be for another child or the resale market, protect your investment by purchasing at least 24-32 diapers.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at mary@blimegreen.com with any questions, comments, or random cloth diaper talk. I am more than willing to meet you by appointment, because I know how important it is for you to see and touch our products. Gentle Transitions clients get some extra perks, too!



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