Gentle Transitions Gives Back! Part 1

Gentle Transitions is committed to giving back to our community and the world. We wanted to start #givingtuesday off on the right foot… and we are spending the entire month of December sharing our favorite organizations, locally and globally that help mothers and babies in one way or another.

Every Mother Counts:

The organization, Every Mother Counts, is bringing awareness to Maternal Care and how we can make it better. Every 2 minutes a woman dies because of complications of childbirth and in the United States, we are 60th in the world in terms of Maternal Health. As you can imagine this issue is near and dear to our hearts. Last year the Safe Motherhood Quilt Project came to Champaign-Urbana and reading the stories of the women who lost their lives and the families and children she left behind was heartbreaking. We need better care for women throughout the entire pregnancy and the postpartum period all over the world. But 99% of the maternal deaths happen in countries with far less resources. Every Mother Counts tries to address the main barriers (transportation, education and supplies) to care for women all over the world. Every Mother Counts helps women by providing transportation to their health care providers for regular care or emergency needs that they would otherwise not receive. They provide education to women about family planning and pregnancy. As well as providing more trained birth attendants for woman in those developing countries… currently there is only 1 doctor for every 50,000 people in Tanzania. And even those doctors and facilities that they do have are lacking in basic supplies to do their jobs safely. The “mama kits” that this organization provides makes sure each trained provider and the mother’s they are serving safe and better care.


You can learn more about the great wok this organization is doing or donate to Every Mother Counts here:

Carry The Future:

So far this year the organization Carry the Future has donated 5,000 baby carriers to Syrian refugees on the Greek Island of Kos to help them carry children the long distances as they travel on foot. The baby carriers make the trek a million times easier with the young children the families are traveling with. And as any parent who has carried their child around the mall or grocery store can tell you, the carrier can make all the difference!

This organization has volunteers in the area who meet the parents in Greece and fit the carrier safely and comfortably for each family and baby. They are getting reports of the new baby wearers making it to Germany successfully! They are looking for gently used Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs). These are basically any carrier that has clasps or harnesses, any brands are welcome. Ring Slings and other carriers that can’t be fit in 3 minutes can’t be used because they require more education to make a safe and proper fit. If you are looking to donate or purchase a carrier for this organization, here is their address:

C/O CarryTheFuture
121 W. Lexington Drive
Suite L 106D
Glendale CA 91203

This is a link to their wishlist on Amazon if you want to purchase on. There are a wide selection of prices and brands:

Join us in donating to one of these great organizations this holiday season! And look for our next blogs featuring our local organizations and the wonderful work they are doing for us here at home.

All information shared in this blog was found on these pages:

Every Mother Counts

Carry The Future’s Q&A Facebook Page


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