Getting To Know Rachael

What’s your view of childbirth?

Childbirth is beautiful and magical, it is one of my favorite things. I am always in awe of a couple as they ride the waves of labor. It is an honor to be invited to such a wonderful experience. It is something that takes time and patience… waiting for your body to work through the labor that was perfectly designed for you! I do not think birth is a “medical process” that needs a great deal of intervention… barring any true medical complications, waiting for your body to work through it (with some great support and comfort measures that offer relief) is generally the best and safest option.

What do you think of medication during birth?

Everything has a time and a place. I wouldn’t ever want my clients to think that options have been taken off the table because a doula is there. I think everyone is different and we have to look at the whole situation before deciding what the next best step is. I think a lot of education and preparation before the birth is key to using pain relief at the right time or not at all during the birth. I have supported moms with and without pain medication and I have used it for 2 of my 3 births.

Why did you become a doula?

The natural birth of my last child really opened my eyes to how great childbirth can be, feeling totally supported. A few months after my last birth I got signed up to be a Bradley Teacher and took my Doula Training… I have always loved birth and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to support another couple through this part of life.

Do you offer any special services?

I do placenta encapsulation. I am certified in using a Guatemalan scarf, the rebozo for labor techniques and tools. I also am a car seat safety technician. I am planning to attend the Spinning Babies workshop in October.

What type of pre — and post-labor support do you provide?

I do about 2 prenatal visits with each of my couples. I do not want anyone to feel like I am a stranger in the labor room. I spend 1-2 hours immediately postpartum with my clients to help make sure you are settled and assist with the first nursing session if you need it. We also meet again once you are home to chat and talk about the birth together and any postpartum questions you may have. My goal in all the pre and post support is that you feel ready and supported for the time of life you are in or preparing for. If you need more support on either end, I am happy to offer it in any way that works best for you!

When will you arrive at my birth?

When you are ready! That generally happens when active labor starts. I am available by phone for early labor support as well. During our prenatal visits we do early labor prep/practice so your coach knows how to support you through that time.

Which hospitals have you worked at?

I have been lucky enough to work at both hospitals in the area. I have had great experiences at Carle and Presence!

Are you certified? If so, by what organization?

I am a DONA Certified Doula & a Certified Bradley Method Instructor. I am certified by Gena Kirby to work with the rebozo and NHTSA to check and to educate about the proper use of car seats.

Tell us about your family. What do you do for fun?

My husband Matt and I have been married for 9 years. Together we have 3 kids: Abigail who is 8, Luke who is 6 and Brady who is 3. We have only been in Central Illinois for 2 years now but have really loved it. We love to travel and see new places together. The kids are busy with school, girl scouts and sports.all


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