Getting to know Theresa.

How long have you been working with moms and babies?
It seems like forever! Prior to becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner, I spent my nursing career in hospital pediatrics and neonatal intensive care. For the last 22 years as a pediatric nurse practitioner, my clinical focus, and my passion, has been supporting breastfeeding relationships for moms and babies. Only 3 % of IBCLC’s are advanced practice providers, with the ability to diagnose and treat. This allows me to manage complex breastfeeding situations, including tongue-tie, low milk supply, and babies with medical issues. I love challenges, applying research into practice, and synthesizing new information. Think of me as the “Breastfeeding Detective” : )
For the best start, when should we schedule a visit with you?
If you have any special concerns, a prenatal visit can be really beneficial. It gives you the opportunity to discuss concerns one on one and to have a plan in place to maximize success. Once baby arrives, I can see you at the hospital, at your home, or in my office. One benefit to home visits besides convenience, is that I can help you identify your “nursing nest” to maximize comfort and support during those early days when you are both learning.
Do you teach any breastfeeding classes?
Yes, I think taking a breastfeeding class is the best way to get off to a good start! I offer breastfeeding classes privately, integrated into childbirth classes, and group classes at Christie Clinic.
Can you meet with us the day our baby is born if we need support immediately?
One of the benefits to being in private practice is being able to build flexibility into my schedule, which means I can usually see you the day your baby is born.
How far do you travel?
I will travel a 1-hour radius from Champaign, and do not charge for mileage within a 30 minute radius from Champaign.
What can we expect from a visit?
Unlike clinic visits, the rhythm of my visit is determined by what your baby needs when I arrive. If your little one is sleeping, we have time to talk about your concerns and birth and breastfeeding history. If baby is hungry, feeding comes first! Visits take about 1.5-2 hours, pre and post feeding weights are recorded on my very accurate scale, concerns are identified, and together we come up with a plan for success. I will give you a written plan of care, and send your pediatrician a comprehensive note about the visit.
Tell us about your family. What do you do for fun?
I have three beautiful daughters, one finishing high school, and two in college. As much as I loved being their mommy when they were little, I have to say it’s just awesome watching them grow into fine young adults. I am also “Grammy” to a sweet little grandson. Weekends, you can find me on our family farm, taking care of my dad, doing battle with weeds, and growing way too many fruits, vegetables and flowers.


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